Why is it helpful to buy art from young artists?

Why is it helpful to buy art from young artists?


With the fast digitization of the artworld in the past months, art is becoming a topic of interest amongst a wider audience: Millenials and GenZ. These viewers start understanding that the artworld isn’t just made of big names such as Picasso, Banksy or Warhol, but there’s actually a variety of young talents out there showcasing their works online. And it’s easier to interact with living artists than dead ones! 


Most of the young artists' works are still very affordable, they’re also cheaper than your Iphone, and investment-wise buying their works is much more interesting. Your Iphone loses value with time, whereas their artworks gain value all the time which means that you can resell it and make profit in a couple of years. 


Have you ever heard the saying: “Artists don’t create society, they reflect it” by Ben Elton?


Young artists care about making a difference, they are socially, politically and philosophically focused, passionate about full equality and different causes. Having the chance to appreciate artworks you love on a daily basis, that also reflect your values is so inspiring! According to Professor Semir Zeki’s research, a neurobiologist at the University College London, viewing art increases dopamine and the activity in the brain's frontal cortex, which results in experiencing pleasure similar to being in romantic love or recreational drug-taking. 


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It’s statistics, most of the young artists won’t make a living from their works, and they will have to take a job that isn’t related to their artistic practise. Why support fast fashion companies when you can support young talents creating artworks that will survive many generations? 


Yes, you can be a game-changer!


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