Meet Minttu, a Finnish artist who believes art can bring hope in uncertain times


I discovered Minttu's artworks several weeks ago through Instagram. I was amazed by her painting skills, and I fell in love with her mystical world. When it feels like the world doesn't make any sense anymore, Minttu's art is here to inspire us and bring us hope.

Viewing her paintings re-connects us with nature and peacefulness. If we stare enough at her feminine characters, we forget about everything else. It feels like they are here to reassure us that everything is going to be okay.

We can just close our eyes and relax, or follow the rabbit that's coming out the frame for an exiting adventure in the beauty of nature...

Meet Minttu, a Helsinki-based young artist

Could you describe yourself shortly?


Hello! I am Minttu - a Helsinki based visual artist, who also works in the field of culture, and with themes of art education (studies). 


Could you tell me about your artistic practise? 


I draw and paint yet during the recent years I have been focusing more on mural painting - as an independent artist and also through collaboration projects. My mural art can be found for example in Kera halls in Espoo, Kajaani, Vantaa, Tarto in Estonia, and in Fortaleza, Brazil.

My paintings often portray humans, presence and fragility - yet also nature mysticism and animals. Often my paintings are dreamy and symbolic.


What music did you listen to today?


During this gloomy autumn season, often ambient electronic music. Today I have listened to Grouper and also Mika Vainio.


Do you think that visual arts can bring hope in these hard times?


Yes! Absolutely. Art connects us. I believe art has the capacity to shows us how we are connected - 

through evoking shared emotions, questions & further discussion. 


Your favorite netflix series ATM?


I haven't had too much time to spend on Netflix lately because I have a tendency to get hooked on immersive series and watch all of the episodes and seasons in a row, haha.

Nowadays I have been enjoying listening to audio talks online instead of watching series: educating myself about positive psychology & growth mindset, for example.

What inspires you every day?


Nature never stops inspiring me. Also noticing small random acts of kindness & compassion between strangers makes me happy, as we are co-existing with each other.

I also love my friends dearly, and find them very inspiring. Lately I have been inspired by the fact that many individuals, companies and organisations are taking responsibility for their actions. They are showing up, making sustainable choices, and they keep on fighting for shared human rights..

Big collective things have been up in 2020. There are so many things to get inspired by, and to be grateful for, it is hard to name only a few things! :)

What do you care about? 


I think there is an individual & collective process of becoming more conscious, and also empathetic towards each other, and towards nature - and art helps us to find value in encountering different phenomena, different ways of thinking & ways of expressing, and helps us to expand our reality.

Art helps us to grow, and shows us different ways to relate to the world and beauty around us.


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