My first artist residency at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai

My studio at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai

A message to artists all over the globe


Being an artist is hard. We can easily lose hope. But we shouldn’t ever give up. One possible way to be active is to send applications to all kind of art competitions or art residencies.

Actually, that's what I did. One year after graduating, I got selected by the Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency in Shanghai. The competition is open to everyone. Just fill in the application online with your project, a CV, a cover letter and visuals.


I went there in January 2017 for a period of 6 months. It was my first artist residency and I can tell you that I wasn't disappointed at all! When I arrived at Pudong airport, a driver came to pick me up to drop me at the front of the hotel. It is a beautiful Art Deco design-hotel on the famous East Nanjing Road on the Bund.The room and the studio were also amazing! I had never had so much space to paint, draw, and produce videos and even installations.


It was an unforgettable experience. I met artists from all over the world: South Korea, United-States, Sweden, Singapore, Japan and so on. It's such a dynamic city that I quickly created an international network and, participated and curated several group exhibitions.


I really thought that I had no chance to be accepted in this program. I guess that hope and self-confidence are important. My project was quite specific: make researches on the status of women in Chinese society and understand their relationship to social media. I read many novels, interviewed Chinese people and I observed a lot.

At the end of the residency I left a trace (check drawing below)


CAR CRASH, 2017, mixed media on paper, 190 x 109 cm, The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Collection

My studio at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai

Exhibition There is nothing at Half-image Gallery in Shanghai :

Exhibition Art Hyperactivity Disorder with Artogather Arts and culture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., OHMY DESIGN at Shanghai Fashion Center :

Posing next to the Swatch Faces wall at the Venice Biennale in Sale D'armi

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