Hello Barbie


"The crafting of the face is a billion-dollar industry because there's actually only one truly acceptable face to create: that of "the girl". Anne Helen Petersen


"What do you really know about Barbie?

Elizabeth had been walking 11 km under the burning sun, she was literally exhausted. Unfortunately, she still had to go for dinner with her friends at some Chinese restaurant at Clark Quay. It is by the way, a nice but crowded area for anyone who likes to hang out during warm summer nights. On her way to the restaurant, she saw this thin blond girl coming out of a fancy hotel. She was wearing white shorts and a black and white t-shirt. Barbie doesn't always wear pink! It's fake news. Her sister Cynthia is a famous fashion designer and she makes all her clothes. She lives in New York with her little arrogant dog Stella. Last winter she created her own pet clothing brand: "Cynthia and the dogs". Barbie was also wearing dark sunglasses and she was walking really fast. Elizabeth came to the conclusion that she was in a hurry. Curiosity killed the cat and Elizabeth tried to talk to her. Barbie turned around and slapped her on the face. 

Now you know that Barbie and her stupid gang are mean."

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