Eléonore Deshayes

03 Sep 2019

Love valley, 2018, Huile sur toile, 100x80cm
Eléonore Deshayes, artiste diplômée de la Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin de Strasbourg, Lauréate des Canson Art School Award 2017 et dont le travail a ...

Le plan fonctionne - suite

10 Apr 2019

Mémoire - la suite.
...Le plan fonctionne...
    "Alors comment ça ce passe à Paris ? Toujours aussi désenchantée ? Hier je suis tombé sur un article intéressant en lisant un magazine et j’a...

My first artist residency at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai

02 Dec 2017

My studio at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai

A message to artists all over the globe
Being an artist is hard. We can easily lose hope. But we shouldn’t ever give up. One possible way to...

"Sleeping beauty" cause they only shut up when you sleep

22 Oct 2017

 In my previous article, I told you about the way women present themselves through social media (e.g. Instagram). They are confident and very focused on their physical appearance. This virtua...

Selfie, the new generation

12 Oct 2017

"Furthermore, isn’t the de-feminization of women an act of surrender par excellence to patriarchy’s blackmail and its shallow, condescending view of the female entity as ‘weak’ and powerless?” (J...


05 Oct 2017

Being an artist is not easy, it's a real challenge! 
Being an artist is:
working each day without earning a regular salary fighting every second not to abandon your career  believing your effo...

My muse

28 Sep 2017

Throughout art history, women have always been male artist's muses. They were the creators and women were the inspiration. Painters depicted portraits of beautiful women often naked. Later, so...

My kind of sunday, Mon dimanche à moi

21 Sep 2017

Sunday is not just a lazy day. It's the perfect time to go outside and get some fresh air. I enjoy walking in the wonderful places of my city. I forget all of my problems and I think about the...

Jessica or my life as a young artist, Jessica ou ma vie de jeune artiste

18 Sep 2017

Let’s make it simple. My name is Jessica Soueidi. I'm 26 years old and I'm an "artist". What ? Quotation marks, why ? The more you will get to know me you will realize that I don’t like to confin...

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